Snowflakes and Dreams…

On a blustery, Winter afternoon I bundled up and decided to venture out to town….Downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania that is… and take in some local flare.  As I walked through town, I passed by a store front shimmering with light and colors of pink and love notes? hmmm… I looked up and the sign read NOTE Fragrances?  Hmmmm…. how inviting did this look?!  So I ventured inside to check it out.  When I entered, I was greeted by a beautiful sales clerk named Lisa.  She was very inviting and charming and was eager to tell me all about the store!  As I began to find out, NOTE Fragrances was a create your own fragrance store.  How cool is that I thought?!  So I decided to give it a try… Seriously, what woman would not want to create her own signature scent?  Lisa showed me how it all worked as I sat at a table with these tiny little bottles of oils…anything your little heart can dream up….and began. I dipped and sniffed and dipped and sniffed and waved these magic little wands all the way to heaven!  Well, to me it was anyway!

After picking out the essential oils that pleased my senses, we began to mix and sniff and add and sniff again until….. voila!  A masterpiece to thrill the senses was created…it just had ME written all over it!  So it was bottled up for me to take in a pretty little bag and Miss Lisa wrote down my number so that we knew next time what ingredients we used.  It was such a lovely store and not only can you create your own scent, but Danielle – the store’s owner – also has her signature line of scented candles and soaps and such for you to purchase as well.  What great gifts for that special lady in your life and man as well.  Afterall, men like to smell good too, right?!

As I smiled and left the fun, I heard Lisa say to me “thank you and come back soon!”  I already knew that I would…after all, I need to make a signature Summer scent too…can’t wait!

Now you don’t have to “name” your scent, but for the fun of it all I decided I would call my signature scent Snowflakes and Dreams…it was a mix of honey, vanilla, cinnamon and basmati rice, which blended together smells like a female version of my Daddy’s Old Spice…muskey and sweet…hence the dreams?

So I am sending a thank you out to NOTE Fragrances for bringing back a memory I only have left in a dream and for the wonderful afternoon!


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