It’s not just about the tight pants and commercials…women like football too!

Super-Bowl-2014-XLVIII-Seahawks-Sherman-vs-Broncos-Manning1-1280x8002Every year, football fans around the Nation look forward to this day all Season. They all hope for their team to make it to this day, but even if they don’t, a diehard football fan will find a way to enjoy it anyway! After all, there is the food, the beer, the competition, the camaraderie, and we can’t forget the Commercials! This is, after all, a day for men, right? Well, speaking as a modern day woman, I say not necessarily! I know you will say most women just watch the game for the commercials or that they like watching men run around the field in tight pants? Well, that may be true in some aspects, but it is not all some of us watch it for now – especially not this woman!

Okay, so maybe when I was a young girl my interest in football started because I liked this little boy who played midget football for our neighborhood association. Blonde hair, blue eyes, cute dimples…yep, I was hooked. So I did what every young girl did…I tried out for the cheerleading squad so I can watch him and giggle during practice and at games. But of course, I eventually learned that it is one thing to show an interest in what he is doing, but it means nothing if you want him to talk to you about it! So, I began to actually watch the game and learn the game so that this little boy was not only interested in this cute little girl, but that hey, she is actually cool to talk to too!  So

that is when it all started….my interest in this “man’s sport.”


Sans child, I was your typical football fan, I hung out at the local pubs on game days with my acquired male “friends” – was right there with them yelling at the television screen and actually knew what I was yelling about; went to the extremes and painted my face silver and black once; took the long bus rides and stood in the cold on the top bleachers of the stadiums; drank a beer; ate hotdogs and wings; and was told to sit down and shut up by the opposing fans. Yes, I was THAT girl and I loved it!

Well, I might not have ended up with that boy way back when, but my interest in football remained and I grew to love the sport.  So,  this Sunday, even though my team isn’t playing AGAIN and I will be watching it from the comforts of home with family instead of the stadium or pub, I will be right there cheering on my pick to win and enjoying my “cheat day” with the rest of them. And yes, I will even watch a commercial or two in between the beer runs!

Go Team!

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